Our physical health is crucial but so is our mental health

As the world starts to open up this early summer we are quickly reminded that the pandemic is far from over.  Many southern U.S. states and California are seeing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. 

After months of dealing with this pandemic, everyone was silently hoping that COVID-19 would quietly be swept away by the summer winds and life would return to normal. Almost all of us can probably note areas we ourselves were becoming more relaxed about. 

Did we always wear a mask at a drive-through?  Did we use hand sanitizers quite as frequently as we did a few months ago?  The reality is that we are social creatures and isolation is really difficult for us. This lead lots of people who take COVID-19 very seriously to consciously decided that it was time to take more risks by going out for the sake of their mental health. 

The bottom line, we have to find a balance. 

Our physical health is crucial but so is our mental health. This pandemic is beginning to make even the most optimistic of us believe that it is going to be here in our world for a while.  We’d love to hear how you’re managing our changing world and maybe where you’re struggling. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Larry Blackwell

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