Could a broken heart be the reason for depression?

Could a broken heart be the reason for depression? At one point or another in our lives, many of us find ourselves in a painful situation of having a broken heart. The first time we go through this experience is usually the worst, and it is one of the hardest experiences for a human being to endure.

In the same way that physical injuries can cause damage to our bodies, emotional injuries can do the same. Negative emotions can affect our energy, sleep, ability to eat,  immune system, and central nervous system. Stored up negative emotions can create a cumulative affects on body, mind, and spirit. Thus, it is vital to detoxify ourselves from negative emotions as they come up, rather than letting them pile on and create a mountain of unprocessed feelings to address later.

A broken heart can not only cause present pain, but it can also trigger old childhood abandonment trauma and losses from the past. This can create a highly intensified feeling which can become overwhelming. Stored up negative emotions can create a cumulative affect on body, mind, and spirit. Some of us carry stored emotional trauma that we are not fully aware of. When we have a broken heart, we can experience the pain that we have carried for years,  in addition to the new layer on top. This is why the pain feels so unbearable.

Grief is one of the most difficult emotions to process. It involves various stages, and you can move back-and-forth between the stages, which include:

  • denial,
  • anger,
  • bargaining,
  • depression, and
  • acceptance.

If you have been prone to depression in your life, grief must be handled very carefully so that it does not submerge you.

Seek help from a qualified therapist and stay close to your personal support system. Take the time to process the relationship and work through the emotions. Emotions have a beginning, middle, and an end. Allow them and accept them. You will get to the other side of a broken heart. It is normal to experience the painful feelings of loss, grief, and depression when you have a broken heart. While you do have to go through the feelings to get to the healing, you will not stay in the pain forever. It will pass. And one and one day you may realize that the loss you experienced was necessary in order to take you on your life’s journey to grow and to experience something better.

Practice disciplined self-care, use your support system, redevelop lost interests and hobbies, listen to music, reach out to people daily to connect, and seek new activities and friendships. While the depression from the grief a broken heart can take some time to recover from, it will not last forever. You will come out of this on the other side stronger, more whole wiser, and able to love again.

Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith

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